NT ( / Ireland)

A Place You Would Die To Feel

'Some kind of a Bardo Dream'
she said.

The kind of dream you don't want to wake up from,

lounging in a red velvet bed,
in a space
where the mind goes dead
and you don't even know you exist,
a place beyond lush,
beyond ease,
a place you would die to feel
and yet you feel like a spent lover,
in the heat of flesh
and sharing that first cigarette.

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Comments (4)

A dreamscape the reader thinks, but is it? Rereading it transmutes into something different on third reading another and so on like seeing multiple images super transposed one upon the other. I especially love the line beyond Lush' which is what this poem is beyond lush and I felt I had shared that 'first cigarette'. Much food for thought here Thanks Andy
Quite rarely there is a mysterious beauty to a poem beyond the sense of the words. In this case it is the sound. I read it to myself several times and it is the assonance and half-rhyme of the differing e sounds which lift the poem on to a higher plane. All elements conspire to make this a great poem. Tom Billsborough
It's a wonderful experience to dream so and a very fine poem to express it. Erotic and yet beyond erotic. One of your best.
Beyond lush, beyond ease. That sounds so good. Whatever the dream it is wonderful that poetry can take us there.