I Wish You Could Know Without Me Saying It

At home I tell myself I want to be with you
And make myself believe that I'll make this dream come true
But then I go to school, and you are always there
But I never tell you how I feel, so deep inside, because I'm scared

I wish you could see right through me so I wouldn't have to risk anything
See that I'm in love with you, but I'm just too afraid to tell you

Lying in my bed, awake, starring at the celling above
Thinking of you, you're so cute and nice and......... you're right there!
Why can't I just tell you! ?

I'm so stupid, no matter how much I try to make myself believe
that you wont end up another faded dream in time,
I know deep down that I'll never get the damn words out
The burning words, making my mind go crazy
I just want to tell you, but I'll always be too scared
I hate it, but that's......... me

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