A Place

Where the quran once ruled
The royal emperor’s rage
Where the old historical monument
Faded with age.

Where the inscriptions on the walls
Were carved with every minute detail
Where the body of the sword
Shone, even though pale.

Where religion surpassed royalty
Where culture surpassed greed
Where the Diwan-E-Am seated the king
To tend to each man and his need.

Where war was a way of life
And defeat was on par with death
When defeat and war clashed together
Hell and heaven met.

They were born warriors
With rage in their blood
Agony on their faces
Their wounds covered in mud.

Diamond, ruby and sapphire
The gold which glittered like fire
The beauty that coated the wall
Of monuments still standing tall.

They saw beauty in every part of life
“Beauty! ” they could have more than just one wife
Beauty, in the wrath of war
Of passion, vigor and devotion.

The beauty of death surpassed them all
The tombs of the royals
Pure, white and tall
It stands for peace, and trust and love
Which our war and victory and gold
They always considered above.

Where love was strong and loyal
And seemed to have no bounds
Which is why the Taj Mahal was built
To speak love without a sound.

There is one such place
Where the past and present met
It certainly was worth remembering
Until my final breath!

by Abhishek Vishwanathan

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