A Deep Abiding Love

If I could only be with you, one more
time! It most certainly, would make my
day! I would do things for you, like I used
to do. As if you never, were away! Just
to see your smile and be able, to hear
your laugh, would be a blessing in
disguise! To be able to look up at your
face, with the twinkle, in your eyes! How
I long, for the days, when you were here
and we'd talk, on the phone everyday. I'd
call you in the morning, to see, if you were,
okay. We both, loved to do the morning
puzzle, in the paper and if one of us, got
stuck, we'd call. When given the answer,
we realized, it wasn't that difficult, at all!
We did a lot for each other, because we
had a deep abiding love! I miss these
precious days, we shared and still, hope
it can be felt, from up above!

by Audrey Heller

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...particles of gold and silver...an extraordinary piece ★