MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! A Platonic Reminiscence Of A Great Lady

Someone mentioned your name yesterday
and I was silent

You loved goodness, you were goodness,
and I think goodness must have
loved you; and we,
we loved you for your goodness

You loved truth, spoke truth,
and surely the truth
loved you for loving it; and how
we loved to hear you
speaking truth

You loved beauty in
so many ways that beauty
blessed you: in movement,
in actions, in thought, in words and yes
the beauty of goodness and
the beauty of truth shone from you –
how could we not love you
beyond you?

How often in this poem to you
the word love appears
as it did
in you

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Comments (15)

An excellent poem, love it.10 for it.
Helping us to see we can indeed love the attibutes which we are shown by beautiful people in many situations. Unforgettable piece. Love to you - you beautiful man. Thank you.
Michael, a beautiful poem about what must have been a lovely lady, who had the qualitites we all should live by. Bob
' Someone mentioned your name yesterday and I was silent...' It is Beauty feeling, fine expressions... Kindest regards, Tsira
Again... Again....Again... Your Poetry is shining a light for me! Rogerx
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