A Plea

When shadows fill my heart and darkness surrounds me
When all troubles come and take away my faith to thee
When I am so weak, bothered and perfectly weary
I am reminded that you my Lord will soon set me free

Your love was never empty, void and pale
Your passion and mercy was never just a tale
Your saving grace moves our lives to go and sail
You never left us alone and you’ll never let us fail

For the truth from your lips is so sweet and dear
We’ll never lay to rest our praises and cheer
To you I say my homage and reverence so queer
Your holy name will be forever engraved down here

And now when I do not really see where to go
Please show me the way that I must surely know
Light my travel road, let the distant future show
Whisper to me the strength of will in spirit glow

Tell me the words that I may forthrightly speak
What this heart and mind of mine truthfully seek
When faith and courage lack and times slowly leak
Bring me to your comfort and revive myself so weak

Lead me to the rivers and streams that I must ford
Make my mind receive what your will accord
Be my fortress and let your love be my sword
In your gentle hands, I rightfully rest, Oh Lord!

by alejandro bernardo

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It's difficult to understand....
Very beautiful poem