A Plea For Love

She could hardly reason
But could really not see
She had made a turn
For the worst in life

He's been reasoning
He might have shatterad
His love of a thousand sparkle
At a point he reflects on all

They both tried and failed
Cos' love has gone astray
A plea for love
Was all that would do

She stretched her hands
Thinking it would reach forth
To hold her loved one somewhere
But all was a dream

He's been dancing and singing
To a loved one far from reach
But suddenly at that moment
He woke up from his slumber

A plea for love
Was all that could count
They could hardly imagine
Their Love gone astray

Suddenly he could hear her voice
She could feel his warmth
All in a space of time
Thinking all was real

All layed before their eyes
Love is back to stay
A plea for love
Made it after all

One in love
Cos' love is back for good
She wrote and he sang
A plea for love
Was all that counts

by Okeke Emmanuel

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