A Plover On The Beach

I don't know if Poetry Lover
(hereafter called plover,
a shore bird with short tail)
aspires to become a poet
or is your run-of-the-mill
poetaster (google it)

A bird that runs and hides
when it doesn't comprehend
a simple poem like a haiku
and pipes deleted words
like someone demented
come out, plover!

by Michael Pruchnicki

Comments (4)

The plover leaves its eggs out in the open.... they are well camoflauged from other species... but the human invasion to their shore lines from vehicles (foot traffic to four wheel drives..) leaves the species vulnerable... and funnily enough.. then in need of protection by humans... irony... isn't it.. PS good poem
great display of your poetical inclination. Great write and methaphor. thanks, melvin
Small and beautifulu with artistic combination of wors with imagery
An astute display of inventive cleverity, indeed, Mike...So, now, can i then assume that in following your unique formula of literary lexicon that he who goes beechingto chase & catch girls, is a''GLOVER''..&...she who who be loved & courted by the GLOVER, be considered his BLOVED? Great Work, Mike! ~ FjR ~ ..2008..