A Plum In The Rain

Word's cant describe the pain,
when you left for me,
a sweet plum in the rain,

I swore to your heart,
I swore to that place,
I would never break us apart,
And that you would never be replaced,

The scars in my mind,
My pain screams in anger,
I didn't mean to leave you behind,
I didn't mean to put you in danger,

You are a plum,
But were always so sweet,
You were always so solemn,
And you could take defeat,

Something I know,
something I learned,
Your skin reminds me of snow,
and your love was hard earned,

To you who is so sweet,
To you who is solemn,
To you who I love so,
To you my little Plum Madame.

by Jhanus Thanatos

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so many metaphors sweeter even than plums