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A Pocketful Of Sympathy
AC Alison Cassidy (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

A Pocketful Of Sympathy

A pocketful of sympathy
Is really rather wonderful
To stop a scratch from stinging
Or a bruise from black and bluing

A pocketful of sympathy
Can stop a heart from hurting
Or catch a tear that's falling
Like a raindropp down a cheek

A pocketful of sympathy
Costs absolutely nothing
It's the cheapest kind of plaster
That you'll ever ever find

And a pocketful of sympathy
Is like Lindsay's Magic Pudding
'Cos the more of it you give away
The more you leave behind

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Comments (15)

A pocketful of sympathy Can stop a heart from hurting Costs absolutely nothing Excellent write. This is absolutely divine in its message. Such is the potential of sympathy. Thanks.
I have leaned that these are not just words you have thrown away on a piece of paper. They are the stuff that your heart is made of and because of that these are all the more beautiful words that I take and print upon my heart. Love to you Allie.
a well put very lovely piece love it & good luck to u
What a lovely, inspirational poem. (You misspelled raindropp with 2 'p's'.) This could become a classic, and I'd love permission to post it in my blog (with full credit of course) . Thank you for sharing it.
A beautiful poem that highlights the importance of the simple things in life. My pocket is jammed full of the stuff! A treasure of a poem Allie. Justine x
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