(January 7,1988 - September 17,2078 / Columbus, OH)


Anonymous pain arise in my little heart,
the moment after a meeting you depart,
sometimes my mind cease thinking,
while in your sweet voice my heart starts sinking,
if everything in this world could be explained,
my relationship with you would have sustained.
I live my life to make you smile,
but i didn't realize my life isn't worthwhile.
I say i love you forever,
will it matter to you ever?
My heart is just like a nameless flower.
I fall now and then in your palms.
Please take some time to crush me.
Atleast I'll get in you as a perfume or stay under your feet.

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Comments (8)

It was a poem about a poem...Or a poem about thought? Good concept
Anything a poet inscribe that instill passionate sentiments is a poem, well penned. High marks. Can I ask for your e-mail ad? tnx.
this was really good.
...if I may be so bold, it's a very good poem...
Quite true, quite true!
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