A Poem

Despite my previous misconnceptions
and all of my past recollections
I have fallen in love once more
and this gentleman I most assuredly adore.
Such must be this poor lady's fate,
for it is simply a matter I can not debate
I have given myself over to his affections
despite all my ongoing fears of rejection.
As time doth progress in it's own way
it can not seem to cause my love to sway
So I must declare to whatever is above
I thank you very kindly for delivering me to

by Samantha Williams

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Comments (2)

hey me again i really love ur work this is a great poem but i think u should change the title it doesn't really go with the poem but once again i love the poem. *Nicole* &hearts
Samantha, a vague title but your poem progressed rather nicely... well done! ! Brian