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A Poem A Day - Funny Botanics Course
REK (02/10/1985 / Beirut)

A Poem A Day - Funny Botanics Course

Poem By Rita El Khoury

Finally we've been tought something amusing
During the course of botanics (usually boring)
The teacher said that plants could move
'Tis caused by chemicals, not by a groove.
Apparently as the sunflower turns to the sun,
Some plants can not only turn, but run.
So don't find it weird next time
When you see an orange dancin' with a lime!

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Wonderful! Wonderful! I've already thought God had forgotten this opotion altogether - that of also making such creatures spring up on the face of our earth during His gorgeous spring time of life creatiyity, such as plants and greenery moving and roving around the world on flexing roots. Good piece!