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A Poem A Day - Long Way
REK (02/10/1985 / Beirut)

A Poem A Day - Long Way

Poem By Rita El Khoury

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Cold as ice, insensible as stone
No voice to shout, no voice to swear
Stuck with your ugly self, stuck alone

Roaming in the desert of your thought
With bitter delusions you've fought
Unable to see where you started from
Where and when the end might come

Try to get out, to escape
From what you see on the mirror
Your own image, your own shape,
From that terrible horror

Try to demolish what's left
Of the lone soul that's yours
Try to move ahead and shift
Maybe you could see new doors

Open up in front of your eyes
With a new start and a new way,

Yeah, go fill yourself with lies
And all those dreams you say!

You know you'll always be stuck
With nobody, just your own self
Since the start, it's your luck
Don't try to change the books on the shelf

But what if you took the billion pieces to glue
This shattered and broken image of you?

What if one more step was made
Would it fix the damage done
And make a human out of your shade?
Would it let you see the sun?

Or would it feel like a murder?
And make the torture go harder?

All you ever wanted is some company
No one could see the desperate S.O.S you send
Now is the time to stop the agony
And everything you did has come to an end

It's just one little pill
With the immense power to kill
You could lay down and wait
To be picked up by your fate

Then you start travelling at the speed of light
Thinking you could make it tonight
But you know you're just bluffin'
Because it's a long, long way to your coffin.

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Powerful poem with good expressive use of language and a nice flow, Steve