A Poem About Love

Poem By Weslee Sampel

love and poems
their like a couple
poem would be the wife
love would be the husband
but the only thing
that binds them
is sadness

Comments about A Poem About Love

Love loves a poem He marries her in love Poem's heart is filled with love Her cup runneth over She rejoiceth in love Both get high in love Day and night they are in bed They keep on making cute Babies like little rabbits with Upright ears, slanting eyes. With missing tails when They hop on fours They tumble upside down on roads. People ask who they are They say: love children of two loonies they are...
Weslee, The last line was a surprise. I was hoping for a happier ending and a little more explanation of the connection between love and poetry. You list the form as ABC. I thought an ABC poem had a first line starting with the letter A, the next line with the letter B, and so on. Maybe there is another that I'm not aware of. Consider working on this one a little more. Keep writing!

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