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A Poem By David 'My Life'

Written by David when he was about..15?

There is no life,
there is no heart.
I'm the purest hate,
and destructive art.
My pain is hate,
but hate is my life
Yet I'm only given
strain and strife.
The anger that flows
through this form
Makes my brain
cut and torn
The person of old
has been reborn
Stuck in a world
that is forlorn.
The force of evil
stands by my side
But simple threats
out forces hide
My life-long mate,
I love her dear
I cause her pain
and shed a tear
I'm no good at love
and this she knows
Her blood is pain
draining from my nose
She makes all others
just fade away
I want to be with her
until the recogning day
But my power infests her
and hate will reign
She destroys me, and my soul,
with depression, will stain
But I love her so,
I hope for the best
And always hold her
against my chest
My life is cursed,
I am to forever roam
Withut friends, a wife,
a family or a home.
I am nothing
and nothing more
An imaginary box
with and empty core
I am doomed to,
in a casket rot
And burn in a place
that's dark and hot
I am to live my life
again through pain
After someone,
my body, has slain
My corpse in the ground
will grow a stem
And the world will stand
in my presence again
-The end

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Very well written, a lot of emotion Loved the flow, thankyou for sharing