MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! A Poem Deconstructing Itself In Homage To Barthes And Derrida (For Wendy If She Can Decode It)

I dreamed a dream profound and wise
about the state of man:
the brain a mass of wriggly worms,
the mind an old tin can..

The first word presents the semiotic question
of authorial authority:
is this a real person recounting
a ‘real’ dream, insofar as
dreams are ‘real’, and thus
presenting the authority of detached observation
(insofar as accepted structures of waking,
sleeping, dreaming, etc., are assumed,
thus ‘fictitious’ in an absolute sense)

or, is this a hermeneutic introductory opening
implying a proairetic forward movement?

moving on rapidly to the whole first line,
what is the authorial stance in ‘profound and wise’?
is the ‘author’ asserting the semantic truth of this dream,
or is this a lexia which is presented to the reader to resolve
in his or her own reading?
or is simply buttressing the symbolic integrity
of the ontological construct presented?

jeezus the more I read the deconstruction
the more I think the first verse could be true

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Comments (2)

Boy have they asked for this kind of treatment. It's long overdue. You could perhaps have deconstructed the deconstruction too, Michael. There's no end to the madness of it all. This movement is hopefully going to disappear up its own **** so far has it cut itself off from reality, all sense of historical perspective, and in the case of Derrida (derider) I wonder at times if he was simply taking the mick. But, it seems as if it's all a very serious business as far as the academy is concerned. When will they wake up? Better be careful here. This comment could be very revealing if deconstructed. Perhaps a certain amount of hostility to the movement might be discerned. Reading this was the perfect antidote. Good laugh too! Ingenious as always. Thank you sir. jim
This poem may have written itself the beginning is somewhat unkempt. Or at least so it seemed when you opted for 'Dreamed' where even the retards had 'dreamt'