A Poem For Christmas Day

Deep dark nothingness,
(empty, still):
so say the eyes that wander,
across the space between,
seeing, not seeing, and seeing not;
as the lonely star
speeds across the heavens.

We follow the star
(seeing it not)
and even in the darkness,
as we exalt its splendor
from so many centuries past,
we see only darkness between.

Then that darkness,
(in mind’s eye known)
to be full of light
that has no object to be lit;
full of knowledge
waiting for its question;
full of existence
with no need to exist.

And then;
then the new born
(residing in all hearts)
you are the star
that lights the dark.

We know not what we are;
and wise men write
(so that it might not be forgotten) ,
that which cannot be held in memory;
is never lost.

by David Taylor

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