A Poem For Denis

Last night, I dreamt and what a dream, in Heaven, there I stood
And walked beside a silver stream that blessed the neighbourhood.
Ten angels flew above my head and pointed where to go.
I changed direction there instead, towards the holy glow.

Lord Jesus welcomed me within and then gave me a crown.
To Him, I was both kith and kin, as He bid me sit down.
A scroll appeared to float mid air and Jesus read it out.
He said to listen close then share with those still prone to doubt.

The poem spoke of many things and prophecies as well
And warned that even mighty kings might even go to Hell.
I trembled as the Lord relayed the future fearful years,
Declaring even those that prayed would bear their share of tears...

The noble soul would cling to Christ by faith and faith alone,
Recalling what He sacrificed in order to atone...
Yet scoffers had no hope at all, for nothing could be done
For those who wouldn't heed God's call and trust His only Son.

That's why the judgments must be sent, each sinner to be judged,
Such times come not by accident, else innocence is touched.
So mark it well and watch the stars, as secrets are revealed
Beyond the realm of calendars, come stars as yet concealed.

The sun and moon must spin in space as God commands them to,
Till Christians meet Christ face-to-face and bid this world, 'Adieu! '
The poem ended suddenly and I woke up dismayed
And as such times seemed close to me, I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Denis Martindale, copyright, March 2012.

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