A Poem For Figure

I close my eyes,
I turn away,
and yet you stand here as to stay.
I do not live,
for joy of games,
and yet you stand here just the same.
Ive never spoken,
for your fun,
and yet you stand here as the one.
I given nothing,
to you that's fake.
and yet you stand here just to take.
I am not now,
nor never be,
and yet you stand here cursing me.
I smile until I frown,
and yet you stand here...

by Ken Bennight

Comments (6)

wonerful write a novel theme Heres wishing you and your near ones a Happy 2009 Cheers Chitra
very nice! Dear, friend. Could you read and comment on my newest poems such as Harmony, Are we a born rebel? , Light, Sense, Under An Ordinary Sky, Inspiring, Refreshing, Be Brave! , Balance, Elegance, Quality, Motion, It Tells, Stage, You’re Not At The End Of The Road, A Reason To Relax, No Guarantee, please? Thank you very much.
a poem that tells the practicality of being a human, we just watch, see and do, when you feel that its necessary to give ourselves..... life sometimes is so disturbing... yet we kepts in going on.... you're a poet that tells the meaning of life.... thank you my friend..... and i am comes to my senses... God bless... a 10 point
Finely expressed indeed! .......thanks 10+++++
I love this one! ! ! ....love the last 2 lines...nice work.
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