A Poem For My Beloved

this is a poem for my beloved
the one I’ll never get to love
the one who captured my heart
but who I let slip away

you’ll never get to know
the way I felt about you
I was ready to dropp everything
and dedicate myself to you

there was a force fighting us
a force in the name of a friend
spreading lies out of malice
determined to keep us apart

the lies got to you
and I don’t blame you
you felt cheated
and dropped out of sight

sadly at the time
I never got the chance to defend myself
because the very person who made these allegations
was busy masquerading as a friend and speaking ill of you too

so I just cut myself off from the world
did a lot of soul searching as I thought of you
and as I tried to move on with my life
but thoughts of you just lingered on

every day I’d wake up and ask myself why
why did I let you go?
I should have explained myself to you immediately
but I was afraid you would not believe me

and now it’s too late
to tell you I love you
but if I never told you…I would still have felt it
where is the sense in that

don’t mean to complicate your life
I know left too much of a mess
I caused you trouble
I understand if you can’t see me again

if we ever meet again…I know we will
I will still feel the same way I felt for you
but will have to respect your feelings
but…you will always be in my heart

Copyright 2007

by Mike kwambo

Comments (1)

Very nicely written, just incase this is what u r actually feeling about someone, all i can say is SPEAK OUT. So that you can write poems on your togetherness :) Please keep up the good work!