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A Poem For My Lover
CJ Cathy Jackson (3-27-1958 / Oakland, California)

A Poem For My Lover

I watch you from across the room,
My girlfriends all chatting it up with you,
Wanting you...
Wanting to take a ride.

The sexy one, touching you,
Moving like a cat in heat.
I watch, fascinated,
As she puts you in her mouth,
Puts what is mine in her mouth.
She wants to take a ride.

The men envy you -
You satisfied the insatiable,
Tamed the wild heart,
The wild Cat.

You touch me and I purr,
You kiss me and I melt into a puddle of desire.
I want you, I want to take a ride.

They've all seen what you do to me,
How you make me laugh in ecstasy.
How you make me curse, and call out for God,
How I call you Jesus - Jesus - Jesus!

They all want that.
The men want to make me purr,
The way you make me purr,
The women want you to make them purr,
The way you make me purr.

The sexy one has your attention,
She's elicited a rise, in what is mine.
I want you both.

I walk over to you,
And kiss your mouth,
And kiss the sexy ones mouth,
And touch her breasts.

I feel a hand slide between my legs,
Uncertain if it is yours or hers,
And I don't care - I like it there.

I want you both, I want to take a ride,
And I want her to come along -
I want you to make her laugh and curse,
And call out for God.


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