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A Poem For My Sister
EH (12 July / Perth, WA, Australia)

A Poem For My Sister

I'm glad I have a sister
and happy you're the one
that fills my life with laughter,
happiness and fun.

I love the little secrets
and jokes that no one knows
except for us two funnies
Oh it makes me laugh!

Oh the fun we have together,
It makes my life all better.
You're there when I need a hug,
i feel snug as a bug in a rug!

All you do is smile
and it brightens up the room,
Whenever you're away,
I know you'll be home soon.

We talk of getting older
and going to the gym,
growing up, getting married
and of course we're having kids!

I'll be there when you need me,
and I hope you'll do the same,
ring me and I'll be there
as quickly as I can.

We laugh at all the memories,
we grin at all the names,
even though we change,
I hope our friendship stays the same.

I love our little chats
and dreams of our life,
and I know that one day
you'll make a great mother and wife!

We are two emotional sisters,
that we imagine to be,
we even have our ups and downs but that comes naturally.

So even when we are apart,
you have a place inside my heart!

Sisters together forever at heart
Even when death do us part.

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