Depression Is A World

Depression is a world
Depression leaves you lost
Depression drops you into a never ending black hole
You want to get help
But you can't
When you do
You wish you didn't
Depression leaves you numb
With fear
Depression leaves you no hope
No ambition
Nothing to look forward to
Tears well in your eyes
Depression leaks out
Out into the open

by Ferret Girl

Comments (4)

A very heart touching and romantic poem that really moved me. It is well penned, poignant and sincere! I love it! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your fantastic writes! Love and Peace for always! RDV from New York City...
'I get weak and he makes me strong, I imagine his face and get lost in his charms...'Powerful images of love.Nicely written Eman
Hi Eman! Loved this poem, excellently written! (a 10) ! Thad
This is very sweet Eman. Sincerely, Mary