A Poem For Universal Use

Still Silent
Deeply at rest
Peace in the East
Peace in the West
Shining in darkness
No shadows are cast
Wholly contented
Harbour no doubts
As alone as a star
As round as the sun
As deep as the space
To which they have come
Distant and eternal
And always now here
Knowing for certain
There is no other to fear
Love overflowing
In all of the worlds
Real or imagined
No need to discern
Nothing to trouble
And nothing to learn.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

Just found this one David - - and the peace which emits from it is tangible - - so beautiful that it is going in my favourites......... thank you best wishes from Fay.
That was a terrific write...I loved each word..only if the world could this poem and be as desired.... Love Gul