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A Poem For You

This was written for my choir director, who recently told us he was leaving. I have known him for a very long time, so I wrote him this poem.

The moment you said
You were leaving here,
My heart broke in half
And my eyes filled with tears.

I do not remember
The rest of that day
For tears blurred my vision
And my skies were gray.

Memories started
To flow in my mind;
The fun that we had;
How you were so kind.

I asked, “Why does he
Have to leave just now? ”
You had helped me so much,
I don’t even know how.

I’ll always remember
You pointing to your nose,
Saying that grandma
Would be at the show.

When you finally leave
I will be oh so sad
For you were to me
Like a second dad.

But I will not worry,
My spirits not dim
For God knows your future
And I will trust Him.

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This is so poignant and beautiful.You have a lovely way of saying exactly what you feel.I'm so happy for you.You will become a wonderful poet. Blessings, Miriam.