*** A Poem For You ***

The distance, laden with terminal disease
Counting the days to eternal abyss

Fragile, a vein ruptures

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof Click to read full poem

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Jst love it......
Excellency shown here, your great artistic talent has been proven here, one more time...'WISDOM is not a privilege but a GIFT given to us by our creator to be share with the rest of the world...Thanks for sharing...10++++
Lavish imagery makes this write opulent.
It is very beautiful poem, subtle and good. I like it very much. Thanx. (10v.) Greetings. Maria Barbara Korynt
Yuo have a gift my friend, to take words, put them together and paint a story is a gift that owns more value than gold. 10/10!
this is an awesome poem. good job
I love it and it was a creative poem
Cute poem, enjoyed. Chhavi Anupam
u leave me speechless after every single poem i read of urs! ! ! ur amazing! ! ! !
This is excellent. Perfect rhymes, Beautiful flow. Very candid. This is one of my best.
this poem is really beautiful.. very well penned..
absolutly beautiful got 10
I LIKE IT! It's very deep. Very wonderful. And very awesome!
Great work. I feel the loonging for seeing somebody.
Lets count the days to eternal life of peace and love! Great work.
pretty poem shows the burning of love the far love nice similes i loved this'Desire so beautiful, like a poppy' good for u good choose of word beautifully rhymed
it has meaning if u take the time to read ti an i did i like it really
just like the song itself, brother! ! ! simple and create sensuous nuance! ! ! keep writing! ! !
he who wants faraway love must learn to walk on water first CROOOOOOOOOON on ANDY WIlliam(s)
i loved the flow of the poem it was like soothing. keep me posted on your writing i'll love to read more! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !