A Poem From The Unborn

Now Mother please don't abort me, and do away with me,
Some day I'll be a joy to you, When from your womb I am free,
Please let me live and grow up, to be what I should be,
God made me someone special, Let me live and you will agree,

Mother I have feelings, and I am alive within you now,
A living, breathing, eternal soul, And I am sure I will know how,
to please and love you every day, Don't take my life away,
Mother don't make the wrong decision, and destroy my temple of clay,

Mother how many precious souls, Must die before they are born?
Remember I feel the pain and fear, As from you womb I am torn,
If you don't love me Mother dear, Let me live and I'll become,
A precious child of someone else, A loving daughter or a son,

Mother's with child the Lord has heard, Our blood crying from the ground,
With the millions of abortions, God heard the terrible sound,
Of the cry within the Mother's womb, As our lives were torn away,
O God in heaven hear our voice, And avenge our blood this day,

The Living souls of millions, Have cried within the womb,
Please Mother dear don't kill me, Don't lay me in a tomb,
O Mother dear I love you, God already knows my name,
Before I even leave your womb, I am alive this I proclaim.

by Andrew G. Collins, Sr.

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