(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

A Poem I've Started To Write

M-oon is slowly hiding,
E-vening shadows pass by;
L-ight has begun to shine
B-eneath the wide blue sky.
O-ne new dawn has broken
U-nder the lanes up above;
R-ise of the sun shows up,
N-ow sharing God's
E-ndless love.

V-ile weather has turned good,
E-arly breeze eases the pain;
D-ark dusk has gone away,
A-s the brightness stops the

G-ray clouds will not fade
U-nless the clime turns fair;
A-pril fifteenth is real fine
D-ue to the clear gentle air.
A-nother day is a blessing,
N-o longer I see the night;
A-fter the twilight is over, a poem I've started to write.

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