A Poem Is…

A crying out of the spirit
When you suppress the scream.

A poem is;
The written words of love
When your presence
Take my breath away.

A poem is;
Inadequate words
To describe the splendor of God.

A poem is;
Words written
That no one wanted to listen to.

A poem is;
The thoughts that come,
In your quiet time.

A poem is;
Expressed emotions
That change daily.

A poem is;
Artistic creations
By the unique individual.

A poem is;
The secret
That is never talked about.

A poem is;

A poem is…

© 2014 -Phyllis Strong

by Phyllis Strong

Comments (8)

You do a very good job of describing what a poem should be. Thank you for commenting on my poetry. Why not dream in 2016? Keep on wriing your awesome poetry!
Most definitely a poem is all that you mention and more. Penned so beautifully, I love it.....
Lovely write. A poem is all those things.
A great read love it
Perfectly put, and so right on!
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