A Poem Is A Cluster Bomb

A poem assemble ideas,
Concentrates experience
Await its time, place
For its own release
A Poem is a cluster bomb

A Poem explodes
Particle by particle
Projectile by projectile
Piece by piece,
Varying impact on the way
A poem is a cluster bomb

Out of a poem come wails
Out of a poem come hails
Out of a poem comes repair
Out of a poem comes despair
A Poem is a cluster bomb

It spreads in ripples
It travels like a storm
It is fashioned in riddles
It can pour painful scorn
A poem is a cluster bomb!

Friday,17th July,2009
Liverpool, UK

by Isaac Maliya

Comments (12)

wow what a lovely poem on poem
From: TaMaRa HaNaRiNg...dancing with the wind..lat To: Isaac Maliya Date-Time: 8/3/2009 5: 02: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: a poem is a cluster bomb.. ---------- hi friend..sorry unable to comment on any poem as some problem iam facing since two days..enjoyed your poem.. it has a new concept about the poem with a beautifuul describtion of the poet's pregnacy, the poem delivery and kind of it's new born..loved it
Yeah.. a good poem fuses slowly to explode into vibrant colors..beautifuly written
A poem is the song of the heart my friend Isaac.
i liked so much the third stanza...but the whole poem is great....well done Isaac
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