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A Poem's Ne'Er Finished

A Poem’s never finished
tis just entirely begun
If you’ve gone back and looked
To see just what it is that you’ve done

Ne’er a piece has been written
that couldn’t use a wee fix
A more profound phrase
To throw in the mix

Sometime it’s the inflection
Oft times it’s the prose
That could use some correction
A tiny tweak of it’s nose

Perchance an error, a bit of imperfect elocution
A slight awkward feel, now felt in the flow
Where before one saw only, eloquent execution
Needed changes, upon reflection, begin to show

Ne’er a piece is writ to perfection
When put the first time to submission
Tis only on rereading and a wee bit of reflection
That the betterments pop into one’s vision

Aye, it’s true, to like some, over the others
To think tis a fine job you’ve done
But let me suggest, my poetic sisters and brothers
That a poem’s ne’er finished…tis just entirely begun

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