A Poem To Honor St. Valentine

Poem By Hugh Cobb

If youth could age's wisdom ken,
& age could know youth's fire again
or age could Old Time's hands turn back
T'would then be youth with time to spend
& wisdom's strengths on which to depend.
This said, t'is never just white or black
For youth doth all discretion lack
& age tho' willing & desirous to play
To youth's vitality must passion give way
& such a conflict therein lies
for age is by youth most oft despised
& youth by age oft seen to whine,
“please, won't you be my valentine? ”

(Copyright 2/12/2006)

(Happy Valentine's to PoemHunter!)

Comments about A Poem To Honor St. Valentine

When we're young we can't wait to grow up. When we're old, we wish we were young again. Never satisfied, are we? Couldn't we just reach a happy medium and stay there with all the aspects of each extreme intact? Great read. Linda
Absolutely marvellous. I don't see Shaky as the muse here, but Rabbie burns through the page. Danny.
Oh but your skill of style, Hugh! This is a clever and addictive piece of writing, and like all the others have said, I feel Shakespeare himself would have been proud to have written this. And thanks for your comment on 'For This I Ache'. Yep, I'm doing ok, thanks. Squeezing your hand, Gina.
I do like the antiquated style, very clever and suitable! By the way, it's not just the young who want to be valentined... in fact it's not mainly the young though nobody asked my opinion! Fondly, Linda
Age to me is that old saying, 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! ' Inside my head I am still 16, and I 'Know youth's fire again! ' Beautiful thoughts, well put. Scarlett

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