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A Poem To Jayce

You feel me with emotion I can't express in words
I finally feel as if I belong somewhere
to someone
without criticism or pain
Somewhere I can be me

I'm dazzled with your being
Everything about you makes me smile
You've awaken me with your laugh
With your words
With your soul

I have such yearning to be around you
To see your face light up when you laugh
To hold you when the world has been cruel
To make everything wrong in your life disappear
To gaze into your silvery eyes

I won't last long without you
Silly, as it may sound
But in my heart it's real
And the thought just hurts my soul
Please don't ever say goodbye

Some days we may seem to drift apart
But I know
That day will never come
For I will never leave you
I care too much to see you go

Though I may talk about others
Know they will never come close to you
Know that you will always be beyond them
For I don't think about them when I fall asleep
I think of you

Please trust me
I'de never hurt you
I couldn't possibly bear the thought
of making you an ounce unhappy
It would kill me

Just know
I'm happy to know you
And I think
That it was inevitable
that I would come
To love you

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nice poem, to feel enough love towards someone as you do in the poem, is a wonderful thing, good luck with the person Cara