A Poem To Lewis

A Poem To Lewis

Once you are jailed
I'll down the streets of Friendship Ville
Were Our Friendship Was Young Free
I'm Sure I Won't Believe
What an empty place it would have come to be...

Surely I would give my life away
If it would only be the same
Cause I'd conceal a voice inside if mii
That would be calling out yoy name

Alway remember that you are one special person to mii.
No matter the storm, lightning and thunder a day may bring
Juss know in mii you have the sunny chilled day
You are preciouse as laughter
And also eternal as the stars in the sky

Even If Death May Take You. You Will Always Remain In Mah Heart. Were Nobody will erase your memories

By Lady Pru

by Lewis DaLyricist

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