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A Poem To Pass The Time...

I feel stuck in this place
Drenched with things I shouldn’t lack
Can’t recognize the face
Nothing is what it should have been
Brush it away
Been pushed to the back
Lie and wait for the coming day
Watch it all roll by
Yet everything still stays the same

Lie on the floor
Absorbed in your skin
The things you know shouldn’t be there
With such a pretty face it can’t be too hard to say life’s not fair
And still you can’t be too sure
Fumbling fingers making awkward chords
Repeat it cannot be
Cannot be forced
It just comes with time

And frustration flows from your wrist
Through the tendons down to finger tips
Into ink that turns smudged
Blotted and smeared
All over your palm
And words come at the same time
And forced smiles seem to rewind
And is soon replaced with unworried stares

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A truly beautiful poem. I wish I could say more.
Interesting poem. Nicley written.
It is often natural when one is so young to be unsure and depressed. Often we need to stop and think what would make us happy. A direction in life does not always need to be haunted by thoughts of negativity and dark sad depressional bouts of insecurities. Just live life to the fullest and pray to God for guidance. Cheer up and look at the world around you with mostly the positive side of the coins life and not the bad things we endure in life. Be happy. Great poem. God bless all poets-MJG.
a very well written poem it shows the feelings of being lost and worried about so many things along with not being sure of what to do about it or at the time, , , blessings...Cecil