A Poem To You

when you down
or sad
or blue,
just remember
that I love you!
through the storm
the rain
the wind,
my love for you will never end.
hopefully this will make you
even if it's only for a little while.
I will always love you,
even when were apart,
I will always love you
with all my heart.
your on my mind constantly,
and I can only hope you think of me.
I spend my time thinking of you,
writing about you,
but mostly missing you.
I hope you miss me too.
and only god knows I cry for you.
I only wish I
could have you here,
to comfort me when I am sad.
and rejoyce with me when I
am glad!
so this is a poem to you! !
And I know that you love me like crazy....
too! !

by Dark Wolf

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Comments (2)

I love it... Keep courage.... Keep it up.. I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me too...10 Naila 😃
took the words out of my mouth! ! ! very nice write! ! Brian