RB (02/24/86 / Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

A Poem Without A Title

Imagine the music you listen to came from my heart

What If I let you use my shoulder to cry on from the start?

Imagine the clouds in the sky made a portrait of you and I

What If I accepted everything you brought to the table?

Imagine the world was your and we keep everything stable

What If I couldn't lie would you want me to?

Imagine the poems I write you were songs was on MTV

What If I asked you to be mine on youtube?

Imagine the pressure you had was pleasure

What If I just took your hand and took a long walk with you
would trust me or be unsure?

Imagine the nightmares you have had dreams an bewteen everytime
you breath

What If I told you she ain't you and would you be good for my health?

Imagine If you could feel my kisses everytime you sing 'purple kisses

by Randy Bullocks

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