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A Poem

I fear i shall not see,
For my cataracts are blinding me.

I fear i shall not hear,
The water rolling down my cheek is a tear.

I fear i shall not smell,
For my nostrils will not tell.

I fear i shall not taste,
All that food is going to waste.

I fear i shall not feel,
For my nerves are on a par whith an eel's.

All this means,
Is that i will not concede,
And i cannot think,
So i will save the ink:

The cat sat on the mat.

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Comments (4)

Nathan. Would you like to learn how to be a poet? Obviously your anger and your frustration and your presence on this site must mean you enjoy poetry and think it may help you express yourself.. Make this a learning and expressing place. Somewhere to get out those inner fears and frustrations. Write it down so people will respect what you have written and you may find that you can actually do it. Don't say bad things about others. Just focus on how YOU can become a winner. You get back what you give out so cool it honey. We are a pretty good bunch here who WILL give you help if you are serious about what you want to do. Hugs Jan
Always nice to write something encouraging, but alas, impossible.
Now why wouldn't you hear a tear rolling down your cheek? Are you deaf? I do like the nonsequiter last line however.