A Poet And His Friends

Poem By Matur Achuil

Do not fall in love with a poet
For a poet's heart is not in his ribcage
A poet's heart is in his cranium
A poet will never tell you he loves you
A poet will only tell his friends,
Pen and paper, that he loves you
So unless you are friends with the paper
You will never know a poet's intimate secrets

A poet is like a robot;
No physical expression of emotions
So a poet never cries of a broken heart
A poet has his friends pen and paper
Who express his emotions on his behalf
A poet believes in nobody else
More than he believes in his friends, pen and paper

A poet will never be a good friend
A poet will never be trusted to keep secrets
A poet will always share your secrets
With his friends; pen and paper
And the whole world will get to know your secrets

A poet behalves weird even if he is not weird
When a poet stares at you speechless like a fool
It is not that he has no words to say
It is because he feels he is repeating what he said before
Because he had the same conversation
With his friends; pen and paper.

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