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A Poet Can Never Rest In Peace
SS (16/11/1987 / Kolkata)

A Poet Can Never Rest In Peace

Poem By Saurabh Som

A poet can never rest in peace
And forget all his miseries
No choice but to create along
With pearls of pain, a happy song
Even against his own free will
Or does he have a free will still?

A poet, a prisoner
The same forever
Born a weaver
of tales, believer
Of goodness in man
He concieves peace
But to Rest in it....
That, he never can....

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Words of truth, and our most cherished Classic Poet's are paragons to your claim....as although they are long gone from this dimension...still they are being judged & their words misinterpreted by todays readers & literary critics. Very fine work here, Saurabh. ~ FjR ~