A Poet Can

Poem By Ershad Mazumder

A poet can make
a stone weeping
But I can not
I see a stone
just a stone.

A poet can make
a river dancing
But I can not
I see a river
just a river.

A poet can create fire
from the flowing cloud
But I can not
for me cloud is cloud.

A poet can create
a sea or river
out of your eyes
But I can not.

I want to see you
just like my fiance.

Comments about A Poet Can

Poet can’t do all the things you said …but not doing is a ‘great doing’ as you’ve done…finally to poetry you’ve lay your bosom as your beloved…and indeed a poetic sprit…. Thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
Sir...here you are writing about unconditional love that rarely exists....at the same time you are stating your limitations......Hats off to you Sir......
in those days when i was in school my teacher told us about different types of artists-sculpturist creates sculpture-paiinter paints with color-author writes a book........... at that time i used to think there are so many types of artists but now i think there's only one type 'a poet'. in every other types without poetry the creation's incomplete thats what i think may be im wrong....its a very beutiful poem Sir, kindly do read my poem ' my tribute to beautiful minds '...thanks
That's what is so great about creating. Whether you are an artist, a writer, a poet etc. you can create whatever you want. It's magical. Nice poem. Best Wishes, Marilyn
Sometimes the reality is more beautiful than the dream. A very moving write. Ten for your candor. Kind regards, Sandra

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