A Poet For A Lover (Adult)

Give me a poet for a lover
whose words stroke me like velvet hands.
Word-tender caresses more reaching
than the caress of a mere mortal man.

A poet's light touch is so gentle.
Word-fingers probe deep every time,
arousing me, haunting me, wetting me,
seducing me, body and mind.

Oh Lord,
give me a poet for a lover.
Lust and fire burn in his heart.
A silver-tongued devil whose words make me ache
to be on my knees in the dark.

Word-foreplay making me want him,
only mind-loved, I want to be free
to feel just one time, my poet inside,
where only mind-lust up to now has loved me.

by C.J. Heck

Comments (23)

Oh Lord how beautiful it would be if I too had a lover writing poetry as do thee what strokes he would share just anyone may compare such lovers are rare
Nice one, thanks for sharing
Oh Lord, give me a poet for a lover. Such a beautiful poem.
Nice daring write.Thanks for sharing.
what the heck you haven't thanked even one for your poetic love o heck!
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