A Poet Full Of Courage

There will come a day that I will be free of the drepression
And the depression won't make me his prisoner anymore because I will get the 2x4 and I will fight it hard to gain control over my depression
Depression changes who I am completely from mild, relaxed, to anxiou, and manic
The depression is not going to control me because I won't let it control me
I will fight to the end as long as I can to put an end to my depression
Depression is not a beutiful thing that I canbe proud of it
I am not at all
But I feel that I can make a change ny making it better by writing poetry and listening to music becasuse it is music that helps me to get rid of my depresion
And with music I get the courage to move on
Because music improves my well being and I feel that it is what makes me stronger and with religion does the same thing to me
But the two combime it is even better than medicime
I must say that there are no better medicine in this world than music, Poetry, and God because they all fall in the same category
I believe that one day I will be healed and I will tell it to the doctor and He will fall flat in his face

by Aldo Kraas

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It doesn't always take medicine to improve our mood or outlook on life. You are right in that music, poetry or any type of art can truly bring us out of our unhappiness and give us a brighter outlook on life itself. A beautifully written poem on finding what truly makes us happy.