Saving Those Behind Barriers (Revised In Line Form)

Reaching across the barriers.
Trying to be a savior.
Staving off the the attacks, from all directions.
Hit me come on kick me, beat hell out of me.
I'll get back up the very next moment.
Cant rest my head.
This is pure devotion.
A love so strong, that even if I don't belong.
I wont walk away.
I will fight with each breath.
Failure can not come.
I will not be undone.
By you or anyone else.
Treading on the ice so thin afraid I might fall in.
It just cant happen cause I don't know how long I will be able to swim.
I have finally been forgiven and now I'm on a mission save as many as I can. So I can't end up dead in the cold and still water.
I got to be smarter.
I got to tie a rope to the landing before I venture in.
I can save those who are in need if only not at the cost of one self.
A death in vain.
A death under a false pretense.
Does no one any good.
So please wait for me.
Hold on a little longer.
I'll be right there.
As soon I take a deep breath of air.

by Ace Of Black Hearts

Comments (2)

divine vitality. good. I like it.
art is heart it comes forth from within to hinge on the world smiling like a bloom waiting for someone to fall in love with