'A Poet Is'

A poet is in love with words.
They make the birds sing,
and fly with the doves.
They wash away pain with a pen,
that is gentle, yet peaceful like rain.
Your soul shakes at the vibration of the expression of art.
A poet is the definition of what an artist should be.
Each one has it's own skill.
A poet is silky cloth for hurting tears,
relieving fears of agony for some lost child.
A poet is relief for someone in grief.

by Sallie Marie Tompkins

Comments (4)

truelly said -wellpenned
very correct and perceptive write...and the poem is beautiful to read...love...nalini
Wonderf flow, splendid read. You have hit the nail on the head. Well done!
I loved the innocense feel that is created with such ease.... I am sure only the one who loves his/her words could come-up with a magic thus...... standing applause! ! ! ..................10/10