FS (Ageless. / in Cornwall U.K.)

We Becoming

Today, a Boy became a
Girl so as a Girl became
a Boy. A man became a
woman so as a woman became
a man. Tomorrow the
Sun will still rise from the
east and set on the west, does
it matter what a boy and a
girl or a man and a woman
becomes, when their are still
subjects, blacks.

|Suss KaMzibeni|

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nice write well read
The following is very expressive and heavy: He fell, the ditches he'd despised As living hell, were holding him at last. Creates a heart-rending picture in my mind... Great work Fay!
Since you wrote such a great tribute you made me want to find out about the man himself.. next up. research Owen. thank you
A great tribute indeed. Owen was the greatest soldier poet of World War One. Brilliant work
Words of tribute befitting a Master Wordsmith, who left behind his verses far too eoon. smooth structure....sterling imagework...Solid Work, as can always be expected from Fay Slimm work! FjR
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