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A Poet's Cries
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A Poet's Cries

Limited, only so much of the world to be seen
Only so much to experience
So much on this Earth, and yet still truly
Limited, one’s life is sometimes fenced in
by the act of living,
empathy can give an insight, but nothing comes full-blown
Left to weep- on sad days -enough to cut trenches into parched land
Lamenting over the choosing of words-alone
Words locked in someone else’s life
Someone else’s laughter, even their pain
On this day, and for this while-only Strife
Curse the heartache that they are able to claim

Yet, there’s more coming from this melancholic poet
Living creates poetry’s words- I hope

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Comments (2)

One poet to another, very poetic and true, so true regard's AJS
Thank you Chanda Panda for this poem. Inspiring and so very true. adria