Advice By A Mother To Her Daughter Who Recently Discovered That Her Husband Is Having An Affair

my daughter stop
enough of this
learn to deal with this
kind of thing
this usual
this normal happening
between a wife and
a husband
just ignore it

by now you have realized
how too
i was once my mother's daughter
caught in the same

i love you all my children
you should know the reason why
i keep your father
and endure him all these seventy

it is your first time
and there will be more
if you keep on minding all these
you gonna die earlier than
the rest of the women in this

and if it happens
a younger woman shall then live
in your house
open the window and show her
happy face there
as the new first lady in the house
of the traitor...


Comments (2)

One poet to another, very poetic and true, so true regard's AJS
Thank you Chanda Panda for this poem. Inspiring and so very true. adria