The American Dream Is World Peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

The American dream is world peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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This poems format is incredibly different from the ones I have read before. It appears to be a story but as you read you can pick apart the poem aspects of it. Very different I find it incredible
in honor of that poet, whose writings had freed them Nice poem dear poet.
Yes... Death is beautiful. It release from all cages. Amazing
He gladly bade the cold earth farewell .Like crows crow at the crows caracass, that crowing in a chorus in a high pitch. Crow's intelligence is equal to that of a chimp.Poets of the world, unite. World will lose its deep slumber. World will be shaken from its apathy and insouciance.
no one at his death save the oil lamp. We need United Nations Poets Fund. Every country should pass legislation listing poets and collecting their poems, marketing their poems, of registered/licensed poets, We should conduct Poetry selection commission to make people write examination only on poetry.we should declare poets pension scheme.Poetry has saved the world from disaster, society from going for nihilism and anarchy.Poets should acquire power and save all good work done so far.
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