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A Poet's Diary Excerpt 2

A Poet's Diary Excerpt 2

I have seen many moments
Swept away in the swirls of time
Consigned forever to oblivion.
Those were the moments
Which beckoned to me
Scribbling faint messages
In my heart,
And then vanishing and leaving traces
Like dried up canals
In a famine stricken area, or,
Like earthen pots left behind
By a vanquished civilisation.
But when the wind reverses
Down the whorls of time
Bringing with it moods and memories from the past,
I feel a faint rekindling
Lighting up a dusty attic
Enmeshed in a labyrinth
Of criss-cross current
And, with whatever experience I have mustered
Over the years,
I pore over the pages of my diary
Pen in hand,
Endeavouring to deice
Responses trapped in permafrost.
I know now
That I must be forever vigilant, patient and alive
Like a spider in wait
At the centre of its universe.

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A very eloquent offering. You are a fine wordsmith. Warm regards, Sandra