Mr. And Mrs....

she asks him if he misses her
it's been a month
and there is no word

his hair is tangled
his eyes dry as a desert
his hands do not have the warmth of the sun

and he told her yes
she knows it is not true but she pretends
in the same manner
that he does

and so life goes on and on and on
and people believe them

what a happy couple!
oh, those happy days
those long, long, enduring years


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Thoreau introduced me to Wordsworth [in his essay 'On the Duty of Resistance to Civil Gov't]. I strive to be this poem personified.
Go, carry to some fitter place The keenness of that practised eye, The hardness of that sallow face. Come hither in thy hour of strength; Come, weak as is a breaking wave! Here stretch thy body at full length; Or build thy house upon this grave Lovely [3
......a beautiful rhyming poem...
most of these wordsworth poems are written with the wrong wording. I am holding a wordsworth book and the poems on this site do not match what is in my book